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Parent Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below a list of questions commonly asked by parents. Clicking on each will provide the answer, more information and links to relevant pages of our website.


How can I find out what my child studies in each subject? 

Where can my child access reading resources?

How can I find out what clubs are available and when they run? 

How much homework will my child be set?

My child has exams soon. Where can I find the timetable? 

Does my child get support to think about their career options after school?

General Information

Where can I find the school term dates? 

Can I find a copy of a letter my child has received online?

Are there any important dates coming up that I should know about? 

How do I contact school? 

I need to talk to a member of staff, what should I do?

I'd like to read one of the school policies...

How are Christian Values Embedded at St Mark's Academy?

How can I find out if my child is eligible for Free School Meals? 

Where can I get my child's uniform? 



Our Commitment to our Parents and Wider Community

At St Mark’s, ‘koinonia’ - the biblical value of community and joint participation - is at the heart of our vision. As members of one body (Romans 12), each individual is needed and valued to achieve ‘transformation for all’. We prioritise partnerships and engagement with our parents and carers as the first educators of their children, extending to our local community and organisations regionally, nationally and globally. Through our partnerships, we are committed to providing our young people with aspirational opportunities. They will affirm their unique place in society and this will be celebrated unapologetically. They will be positive agents of change. They will have an adept knowledge of local and global issues. They will thrive in turning our values into inspirational action. And they will, above all, understand their God-given roles and responsibilities as stewards and courageous advocates for their community and the world in which they live.