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Exam Information

All information relating to exams including: timetables, exam protocols, letters, revision guidance etc. can be found on this page.

Remember, there is a huge amount of support available for you in school so if there is anything at all that would help you to be successful, during this period especially, reach out and let a member of staff know - they'll be happy to help!

Anxiety & Exam Stress Resources

Title Description Length of Time Link
Managing Anxiety in Your Teens  This video is a webinar aimed at teenagers. We look at how anxiety is experienced in the body and how our anxious thoughts and feelings can lead to unhelpful behaviours (e.g. avoidance). We then focus on a range of techniques to manage our anxious thoughts and feelings and look at how else we can minimise or reduce the impact of anxiety. If you are a young person attending a school within Merton, Sutton, Richmond or Wandsworth, you may be able to access the free workbook that goes with this webinar. Please contact your pastoral department to see whether our service is working with your school, so that we can send you a copy. 20 mins
How to Manage Rumination and Overthinking This video is aimed at those who struggle with rumination, a type of over-thinking that can lead us feeling stuck and overwhelmed.  We provide some practical tips that can help you to re-focus your attention and to stop you from being caught up in a vicious cycle. 5mins
Coping with exam stress This is a webinar for secondary school students. It covers common experiences you might have when faced with exams and talks through a number of coping strategies that you might find helpful. Good luck! 22mins
Sleep – Top Tips for Teens Relaxation  This is a short video for teenagers offering advice about to use relaxation strategies in order to have a better night's sleep. 3mins
Parenting unmotivated and fed up teenagers: what can parents do to help? This talk was recorded live during lockdown but focuses generally on practical ways for parents to open discussions with reluctant teens. It also helps parents think about how to plan together with their child to get them re-engaged in activities they used to enjoy. 45mins


 Exam Policies, Rules & Protocols