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We expect all students at St Mark’s Academy to represent the academy to the highest of standards. All students must take responsibility to wear the correct uniform and take pride in their presentation. All Sixth Form students are role models and are expected to dress smart and be confident in promoting the same high standards and expectations that students do in the lower school.   

Acceptable Uniform Items  

The following items are compulsory:   

  • A blazer must be worn at all times (and may be removed in classrooms during hot weather)  
  • Dark coloured, smart shoes/boots must be worn at all time 
  • Ties must be worn with formal shirts at all times   
  • Lanyards must be visible at all times  
  • On days with PE, suitable sportswear must be worn (no leggings or cycling shorts) 

Other uniform expectations:  

  • Smart, formal skirts (no more than 2 inches above the knee)  
  • Smart, formal dresses (no more than 2 inches above the knee)  
  • Polo shirts are allowed in the summer  
  • Make up and jewellery should be appropriate for a working environment  
  • Religious clothing should still be accompanied by a blazer or tailored jacket  

Unacceptable Uniform Items  

  • No trainers, plimsoles, vans, sandals or flip flops  
  • No leggings  
  • No jeans  
  • No cycling shorts  
  • No crop tops   
  • No mini skirts  
  • No mini dresses  
  • No casual t-shirts   
  • No slogans on any item of clothing  
  • No crocs or sliders 


Students who infringe the rules will face a formal sanction.  

  • Persistent issues of inappropriate uniform will result in parental contact. 
  • If you need support with uniform, please contact