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The goal of the Mathematics department is to provide mathematics instruction that will encourage and empower students to become accurate, efficient, and flexible problem solvers. We can no longer predict and plan for the problems that our students will need to solve when they enter the work force. Therefore, we have designed a curriculum that will give our students the core knowledge, and transferable skills to apply to unfamiliar situations so that they can function as productive citizens. The curriculum has been written in line with the national curriculum but more importantly with the context of the students in our care in mind. Building on the challenging nature of updates to KS2, the curriculum has been designed to support our vision of every child achieving in mathematics, regardless of background. The cumulative nature of our curriculum also provides students with opportunities to apply previously learnt concepts in a different area of mathematics. It has been designed with interleaving and spacing as key elements to ensure that our learners retain what they have learnt. For example, Year 7 starts with developing algebraic thinking and further development of algebraic skills is then woven throughout the year so pupils reinforce and extend their knowledge and understanding. We recognise that our pupils enter the Academy with a wide range of prior attainment, therefore we have designed the curriculum so that students follow one of two distinctive pathways in KS4 (Foundation or Higher). ​

Our Knowledge organisers identify the most powerful knowledge that our students need to know and we continue to use best practice research to inform planning and next steps. Eg We have been using some of the ideas in 'Teaching WalkThrus' to Lead CPD in Maths in an attempt to develop the quality of teaching in the department. All our lessons start with a recall starter to activate students' prior knowledge and Hinge questions is an integral part of our lessons slides to check learning and understanding.​

Finally, we promote resilience amongst students using our responsive teaching strategies such as 'no-opt out’ combined with turn and Talk so that they get an opportunity to rehearse and refine their answer.

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