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Proud to be part of

Refugee week at St Mark's Academy



St Mark’s Academy marked an important week in the calendar, Refugee week, where the plight of the refugees in the world today was highlighted and their achievements celebrated. Fact files on famous refugees including icons such as Jackie Chan and Bob Marley were displayed in the heart space and students had the opportunity to take part in a quiz and post their completed sheets in a box provided.

Every Morning of this week, the EAL department delivered an impactful assembly based on the week’s theme. A story based on the experience of a young refugee student at St Mark’s was read by students and we watched the story of another child who had to leave Eritrea. We also watched a game of musical chairs take place to symbolise how one by one, people are forced to leave their homes to meet different fates. One stood in the corner, to suggest that no one knows what happened to her next, even the worst imaginable a possibility, made worse by being a female. One kept walking around as some refugees have to keep moving and can’t find a home. Another stood on a chair above the crowd, this gentleman found a home but will never fit in, he will remain an outcast and struggle to receive an education or work to survive. Finally, one girl represented the outcome of the lucky few we all hope for, a refugee who is accepted into a community, who is given a safe place to stay and school to attend. This was a moving metaphor which clearly illustrated the struggles many people face every day but also the opportunities that open up for others. The assembly was rounded off nicely with a poignant poem about being a refugee. This gathering enlightened us all in the academy to help understand refugees more, all they go through and all they have to offer.



 On Thursday, staff and students came together to celebrate the end of Ramadhan and the celebration of Eid-ul Fitr. Muslim staff and students cooked food from their ethnic backgrounds to share at the Academy. Proceedings began with a recitation of the Holy Quran and sixth form students, Amina and Nabeela, delivered a presentation on why Muslim’s fast and how Eid is celebrated around the world. It was a fantastic week and thank you to all staff and students who made it happen.