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Proud to be part of

St Marks Merton Youth Parliament Members

Leiann Clarke

St Marks has given me opportunities to thrive and do better as a student and a leader. In year eight I had the chance to become student council. Then in year nine I became chairperson and recently came a part of Merton youth parliament. These roles have helped me a lot with my communication skills and being a better role model for our school and Merton. Taking on these roles has been challenging and a lot of fun as you get to interact with others and gain new friends.

I wanted to be a member of Merton youth parliament because, it can develop and enhance my skills especially in in terms of communication, partnership, working with others, being a committee member and influencing the decision-making processes. I know I have a lot to offer and give students a voice, to express their feelings and how pupils feel about different situations as its important to get different peoples point of view to get a better understanding.

I want to make Merton work together as a team and build each other up. I want to give to people in need.e.g. homeless - I want to have little food banks around the area, so that anyone who chooses can put food in so the less fortunate have something to eat. Educate: lets help our up-and-coming generation to become great. Pupils from secondary schools help students in primary school, whether it be reading, assisting, teamwork or listening.

I think this would be a good idea as we get the opportunity to interact with others and gain teamwork, leadership skills and confidence as these attributes could help you in the future and build you up for different experiences, such as job interviews.

Frankie Skrzypczyk

I was elected as a St Marks Merton Youth Parliament representative, being selected is an honor as I get to learn more skills on top of the already existing ones I have. I have skills such as being able to work as a team, leadership, communication and endurance. I will always make sure I get my point across and I will strive with passion for what is right and just. I hope to bring a positive and cultured changed to the Merton area, bringing in more resources for the youth of today, especially the LGBTQIA+ community.


Angeli Mochia

I hold in high esteem the privilege of being elected as St. Mark's Merton Youth Parliament representative as I support all voices being heard. For a long time the voices of the youth have been disregarded in many decisions that involve our wellbeing therefore being a representative does not just give a platform for the youth to speak but to ensure that our views and ideas are being implemented for the best change not only in St. Marks but also the community of Merton.

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