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Y10 Student Helping Transform School Governance Nationally

Claire Pannell, Anthem Director of Governance and General Counsel and Cal Watson, Account Director, Denford Associates met today with Timi, a Year 10 St Marks student, to talk about the work Timi has done to promote student voice at St Marks and across Anthem. We had this meeting with the aim of producing some material for internal publication of this amazing work Timi has done, and also for an article we hope will be published in Schools Week.

It was a really fantastic meeting. Timi spoke eloquently and with such passion about the importance of student voice. Timi talked about the day our Anthem CEO, Mr Ojja, came to visit St Marks and meet a group of students. He told us about how he said to Mr Ojja that we should listen more to student voice across the Trust. We talked about how this discussion planted a seed of an idea which then grew into a fundamental and exciting part of our new governance strategy across all 16 of our schools. How we listened to Timi and created two new Timi Champion roles in every Anthem Community Council. Timi spoke about how this was an exciting opportunity for students to get involved in a project where they can make a difference right now to current students but also a difference to all students in the future. Cal and Claire were so impressed and inspired at how well Timi articulated his passion for student voice, his school, his Headteacher and for Anthem.