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Phenomenal GCSE Results 2022

Following the unprecedented success of last week’s KS5 outcomes, we are once again celebrating a generation of lives that have been transformed at St Mark’s.

It gives me great pleasure to announce that our academy is celebrating our best ever externally validated Key Stage 4 results today.  Our provisional Progress 8 (P8) Score is +0.70, meaning on average our students achieve significantly higher grades than similar students nationally. We are also celebrating our highest ever validated average grade of a 5 (C+).

Despite Covid-related challenges over the past few years, our dedicated students and staff have worked tirelessly to ensure that students’ grades reflect their God-given potential. The grades awarded highlight the impact of high quality, responsive teaching and curriculum planning, a strong work ethic and outstanding relationships between staff and students.

When anallsing our top grades, 19% of entries were awarded a grade 9 to 7, with an incredible 24 grade 9s.  We also had 94% students achieving a grade 4 or above (A*-C) which is 12% higher than 2019.  

The Progress 8 Score in English was an exceptional +0.78 and in Maths was +0.45. Both these values have increased significantly since 2019 when they were +0.58 and +0.22 respectively. In English 79% of students achieved a grade 4 or above and 65% a grade 5 or above compared to 72% 4+ and 56% 5+ in 2019. Similarly in maths, we have seen an increase of 7% of students achieving a 4+ and 10% more being awarded a 5+. 38% of students have achieved 5+ in both English and Maths and 63% have achieved 4+. This is an increase from our last set of externally validated data in 2019.

The EBacc value added scores are +0.59 in science, +0.41 in humanities and in Languages, an outstanding +1.21.

As an academy, we pride ourselves on our rich data analysis that allows us to ensure no group or child falls below the radar. When looking at the progress of different groups, there are notable successes to celebrate. Disadvantaged students have a P8 score of +0.32 despite facing significant challenges during the pandemic. Students with SEND have secured an exceptional P8 score of +0.08. This score is positive for the first time since I have worked at St Mark’s. A special well done must go to the sensational, Nicola (Director of Inclusion) and the highly dedicated Inclusion Team for these record-breaking outcomes. Middle and low attainers have P8 scores of +0.57 and +1 respectively. Finally, we are incredibly proud of students who speak English as an additional language who have been awarded a P8 score of +0.96.